Toastmasters Roma – your communication and leadership gym

We are a group of people who want to grow TOGETHER improving their communication and leadership skills.

We are part of an international association called Toastmasters International, an organization founded in the U.S. in 1924. Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the communication skills of people in a funny way and to spreading of public speaking. The Toastmasters International is a winning program that helps people to the improvement of their communication. Toastmasters International offers educational programs at low cost, where people can learn together with their colleagues. Toastmasters International has about 300,000 members in about 15,000 Toastmasters Club, scattered in almost 150 countries, all over the world.

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If you have always wanted to be able to give a speech in public without sweating, without stuttering with emotion, without having that feeling of not being able to pronounce the words, or believing that your heart is coming out of your chest… the Toastmasters Roma club is the place for you !

The club is open to all those interested in learning techniques and strategies to communicate truly effectively. Toastmasters is a public speaking gym with a precise and training path for each member.

During the meeting, which follows a specific agenda, there are various interventions. The club president opens the evening, and the evening’s toastmaster leads the meeting, introducing the speakers and the various figures who intervene. Almost everyone has a specific role: there are the ice-breakers, who give their first speech, the speakers who try their hand at increasingly advanced speeches, the evaluators; a timekeeper who ensures that times are respected, the table topic master who leads a session of improvised speeches where some members try their hand at a surprise topic.

The “innovative” element is that all associates, in rotation, will carry out all existing roles. This constantly changing point of view is one of the most powerful tools for successful training!

Come and see with your own eyes and you will understand exactly what the Club is; guests can participate for free 3 times!